Selling A Home

Selling your home can be a stressful and challenging time for homeowners and property investors. Here are some of the most important steps of selling a property.

How Will You Sell

Deciding how to sell your property drives every other part of the process. From selling strategy to the cost of selling the home, and all of the preparation needed to

It’s so important to use a REALTOR during your transaction process so that you can determine the best fit for your specific circumstances.

Determine The Price

How to properly price your property is a crucial decision for many reasons. If you go to low, you lose opportunity to gain a return on your investment. If you go too high, your property may sit on the market for longer. Of course, there are many other factors that go into pricing including the condition of the property, your motivation to sell, and the what similar properties are selling for.

While making these decisions, you will very often need the help of a professional REALTOR to gain the information you need to make good decisions. We can help you collect this data so you price your home correctly. A real estate professional markets the home, prepares required paperwork, and communicates with the realtor that is representing the buyer agent. Many sellers choose to work with a REALTOR because they can offer guidance on pricing, incentives, and local market expectations.

Prepare Your Home For Sale

It may seem obvious, the better condition your home is in the more offers you will receive and the easier it is to justify the price. First, you should make every effort to declutter the home to make it feel more welcoming and expansive. If needed, get an external storage space to declutter. To appeal to a larger audience, make sure your home decor includes neutral colors. Make sure maintenance and upkeep are tended to so that your home stays in excellent condition.

List Your Home

When you work with a REALTOR, they will list your home on the local MLS database and will typically market your home by coordinating professional photographs, post a sign in the yard, host a showing and organize an open house. This is an important step getting the home onto the MLS, which feeds other real estate search sites.

Show Your Home

Real Estate showings are an essential part of the selling process. The more people who see your home the more likely you are to receive an offer. You may need to allow buyers to come through, even when the timing isn’t convenient. Showing your home means keeping it extra clean, tidying at a moment’s notice, and vacating the property so potential buyers can tour without distraction.

Negotiate Offers

If a buyer likes the home, he or she will make a formal, written offer. The offer is submitted by the buyer’s agent to the seller’s agent. Whether you have one or multiple offers may affect the considerations such as closing costs, seller concessions, cash or financing. You may also have to consider a buyer’s contingency and the timeline of the sale.

Accept an Offer

Once an offer is accepted, the home comes off the market and the buyer is allowed to do due diligence to inspect the home and ensure they’d like to move forward with the purchase. After that, the buyer must obtain financing for the home which is known as the underwriting period. During this time, the bank will inspect the buyer’s financials and the home under contract to ensure those buyers are good candidates for the mortgage loan.


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